the importance of tutorial learning on students

Tutorial in learning is one of the businesses that need to be implemented to achieve maximum learning. Implementation guidance motivated by several aspects, including psychological, sociological, cultural and pedagogical.  

Psychological background in the educational process to educate students as subjects is a unique individual with all its characteristics. This is what causes the difference in a child's ability to receive lessons given by teachers. There are children who easily understand the lesson, some are difficult to understand the lesson. Therefore, teachers have great responsibility in helping their students to succeed in learning by providing tutoring. Read more
Socio-cultural background, learning activities and learning is one of the activities provided in schools, in order for students to succeed in education and in the end the students can adapt to the environment. Even so, there are still students who have not succeeded. For this reason, the role of teacher is needed to provide tutoring to students who have not succeeded.

Pedagogical background, tutoring has a very important role in education is to help each individual learner to develop optimally and successfully in learning activities. As an educator, duties and responsibilities of the most important teacher is the subject memabntu educate the students to achieve success in learning. Before giving guidance to the students learning, teachers are required to know and understand the level of development of students. The system needs motivation, personal, skills and mental health held by students who have not succeeded in learning.

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